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Why Work With Rising Tides Analytics

Because we understand your data.  

Having access to critical data and insights is the key to helping give your customers what they need and running a successful business.We work with both large and small companies to holistically transform their business intelligence and analytics programs into a modern self-service model.It’s our friendly service, personal approach with clients, and 10+ years of enterprise level experience using helpful tools like Tableau and Alteryx, which makes us the modern analytics experts.


Are We The Right Fit For You?

If you are a company that struggles with consolidating your data and generating insights from them, you are not alone. We’ve worked with all sizes of companies, from Fortune 500 conglomerates looking to automate their enterprise reporting to plucky startups wanting us to help them deliver dashboards to their clients. We’ll handle the project from soup to nuts. We’ll go through discovery and identify all data sources and how to access them. Together, we determine the KPIs and metrics that matter the most to your business, then automate and visualize them with compelling dashboards.