Data Analytics Visualization

What good is collecting all of your data without being able to easily digest the information and quickly recognize trends, outliers and patterns? If you’re used to seeing a lot of numbers on an Excel file, without being able to drill into the data and identify relationships, we can help you utilize Tableau for more insightful reports and impactful analytics. Need help deploying those insights to the people closest to your customer? We can help with that.


How We Help You

Are you struggling to get a holistic picture across all of your systems for how your business is running? Successful data visualization helps you see and understand your insights, acting as the user interface into the depths of your data. Our expertise in developing self-service dashboards will give you the visibility across all of your key performance metrics.


Our Process for Visualization

We walk through your existing reports and walk through the key drivers for your business, helping you separate your KPIs from your leading and lagging metrics. We highlight the most important factors for your business, allowing you to see trends, outliers and past performance with ease. Working with your team, we’ll make the tweaks you need and show them how to implement self-service reporting tools that give you the power to drive insights into your business.


Our Deliverables

When working on your visualization needs, we will:

  • Develop KPI and metric mapping for your dashboards, focusing on what is core to driving your business and the levers you can pull to change them
  • Create Tableau dashboards that provide the key insights for your decision makers with the ability to drill into what’s driving your business
  • Provide a self-service structure that gives you the freedom to build your own reporting and analytics without having to be at the mercy of other teams