Data Analytics Training

Upskilling existing talent at organizations is a key principle of our company and was a critical consideration for why we chose our name. Finding individuals that understand the philosophy of self-service analytics is hard enough, let alone having the skills necessary to prepare your company to transition to the complexities of data science and machine learning.

We believe that a consulting company should enable your employees to be successful with the work of the future, beyond doing only the task at hand.


How We Help You

With data analytics training we:

  • Partner with your internal talent to upskill them with the most up to date tools and techniques to make you self sufficient
  • Develop an internal center of excellence and talent strategy to build a modern framework for success
  • Offer Beginner, Advanced and Refresher courses that keep your staff sharp and ready to deliver valuable results

Our Process for Training

All of our deliverables come with a guarantee that your staff will be trained on how to use and maintain them.

We offer standard training on Tableau and Alteryx products, as well as customized classes on topics like data ingestion, modeling and visualization.


Our Deliverables

Your staff will be ready to use modern self service technologies and more importantly, understand the philosophy and flexibility behind them.

A resource guide that can be used as a reference, or as a primer for new employee onboarding.