Data Analytics Infra­structure

Do you have disparate data silos all over your organization that are impossible to access? A legacy data warehouse that doesn’t quite have all of the information you need? Are you leveraging APIs available in modern software to streamline your data flows?

A solid foundation is the key to any successful business intelligence platform. Data is not the new oil; it is the new solar. A properly built infrastructure can power your analytics, machine learning and data science for years to come.


How We Help You

Don’t understand or care about the difference between conceptual, logical and physical models? Do you have a bunch of data all over your organization that you would like to centralize? We’ll do a complete diagnostic of the systems of record that matter to you, then recommend a data model that will satisfy your future analytics needs.

Want to lower your cost and centralize your data even more? We can help with the migration of your analytics layer to the cloud.

Our Process for Infra­structure

Here's how we approach infrastructure:

  • Sit down and identify which transactional systems you want to utilize for your reporting and analytics
  • Work with your internal team to gain access to these systems and document the tables that hold your data
  • Recommend and implement an infrastructure that can power all of your existing reporting and analytics needs in the future

Our Deliverables

When working on your infrastructure, we will:

  • Assess and document existing data infrastructure
  • Recommend successful analytics data layers off your transaction systems
  • Implement on-premise or cloud based data store